Saturday, 1 November 2014

31* days sober for suicide

This month I gave up drinking alcohol for the sake of a very important cause. Suicide kills more men aged 20-49 in England and Wales than anything else. The Campaign Against Living Miserably was set up to reduce this tragic problem, by providing a confidential, accessible phone line for people to ring up in times of crisis, as well as other resources. 

Please donate to them. CALM costs money to run, and right now CALM does not have enough money to operate as it wishes. For example, its phone line is only open from 5pm - midnight.

Giving up alcohol has given me an excuse to talk about this. It's a hook, I'm not looking for you to reward my 'achievement', I just want you to know that suicide is the biggest cause of death to young men and you can help prevent the deaths of people who were far too young to die, like my brother Paul

You might say you don't want to be told where to donate and to whom, but I expect many of you did not know that suicide is the biggest killer of young men or that CALM exists, I am just trying to help raise awareness of them.

Donate through Givey and 100% of your money will go to CALM:

The generosity shown so far has been incredible. Please donate. Even £1 helps.

Thank you,

*I gave myself two nights off where I drank a single glass of wine, for which I forfeited £75 for two 'golden tickets'. I am also going to donate the money I would have spent on drinking this month... which is quite a lot, whisky is expensive!

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