Tuesday, 15 May 2012

National Doughnut Week: Co-op Jam Doughnuts 5pk

Tuesday's delicious doughnut is from the Co-op. At 85p for 5, it's good value. Plus, if you're bringing doughnuts in for your team, you can get two packs of five for just £1.20. Not such a good idea if you're going on a solo doughnut binge though.

The doughnuts were warm when I bought them this morning, which was exciting. I enjoy simple pleasures. Although, worryingly, the packaging states they have been prepared in an environment that handles celery, crustaceans, fish, lupin and molluscs. What is lupin? Wolf meat?!

Onto the reviews:


This is a good travel-sized doughnut, but possibly a bit small for a growling mid-morning stomach that hasn't had any breakfast. I could easily eat two. The dough is nice and firm and chewy, though the outside a little tough. I'm a fan of granulated sugar, so points for that. However, I didn't reach the all important "jam pool" until four bites, which is too long in my book. More of the sticky red stuff please.



Coop's 5-pack of small doughnuts is the first offering in our Doughnut Week reviewing task. They are certainly nearer the firmer and chewier end of the spectrum, perhaps a symptom of being designed to sit on a shelf for a while. There is a decent well of jam in the centre and, although tasty, I don't think that the WI will be awarding it prizes any time soon. By the time my chops get round it, most of the sugar has dropped off; but it does provide a decent-enough start to the week's reviewing.



Whilst my colleagues gulped theirs down, I deliberately waited, restraining myself, allowing anticipation to rise. My eyes danced around object in front of me. I noted the slightly disappointing size, a slightly irregular shape, and although my excitement waned slightly, my hunger remained.  I wrapped my hands around it, felt it firm and lifted it to meet my lips, running my tongue along its surface.

And then took a bite.

It was disappointing to be honest – the dough was too firm. Whilst there was sufficient jam, this is more a reflection of the size of the confectionary rather than the quantity of jam. The sugar was too coarse and unevenly spread across the surface, and as a whole I didn’t find the doughnut sweet enough nor suitably satisfying.

It gave me a sugar hit, and thus gains some points, but not many.


Looks like I'm more generuos with my marks than my colleagues, though perhaps it's because I love doughnuts so much. Tune in tomorrow for more in-depth reviews of doughnuts, this time from Sainsbury's.

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