Tuesday, 15 May 2012

National Doughnut Week

It's National Doughnut Week! What do you mean, you've never heard of it and this is just an excuse for you to talk even more about doughnuts? Okay, possibly. But it does exists and it's been set up by The Children's Trust, a national charity that provides specialist care and rehabilitation for children with multiple disabilities. Every doughnut sold in participating bakers raises money for this important organisation.

Now, I've oft wondered: which supermarket makes the best doughnut? Is the powdery sugar of Tesco greater than the tingly crunch of Co-op's granulating topping? There's only one way to find out, and that is this: EAT ALL THE DOUGHNUTS. or more specifically, eat one doughnut from a different supermarket every day this week.

I have enlisted two most excellent colleagues to help me with this task, and to ensure I don't waste any delicious treats (I have been known to eat four doughnuts in a row, but doing that every day might possibly be a little unhealthy). So Michelle (@MLBrook), Lewis (@LewisGDean) and myself (@lulucrumble) will be tasting and rating a doughnut a day until Friday, and posting our reviews on this blog and Twitter. Hashtag #luludonut.

We're starting on Tuesday as I was out of the office Monday. The four supermarkets are, in order: Co-Op, Sainsbury's, Tesco A (own brand) and Tesco B (Krispy Kreme). Okay okay, I know Krispy Kreme isn't a supermarket but the other two begged me.

Join in if you like and post your review below or on Twitter. Note: they all have to be jam donuts with no special topping.

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