Friday, 18 May 2012

National Doughnut Week: Tesco Jam Doughnut Monsters x5

Tesco, the supermarket mega-giant where you can buy pants, paracetamol, pickles and pet insurance. How do their doughnuts fare? Our crack team tell you below, including guest reviewer Jacob Lonsdale.


The visual impact of Tesco’s fresh-baked jam doughnut is underwhelming. It is both smaller than the traditional baker’s doughnut and less shapely. Sugar is unevenly distributed and, though it scores well in terms of colour, it does not proffer the moist and sensual allure, the promise of an almost indecent oral experience that the top doughnut houses pride themselves on.

Texture was somewhat dry and firm throughout, but particularly on top, leaving one longing for the fluffy flesh of a Viennese Sachertorte or the air-light flakiness of a Parisian croissant.

Jam pool siting was optimal – slightly off centre – though the content was a mildly disappointing raspberry.

Having said all that, any doughnut is better than no doughnut. Yum. Thanks.



The skin is like a brown paper bag: bland, boring. The dough is too dry and my tongue tires of the monotonous chewing of this disappointing ‘nut. The jam appears, rather than bursts, onto the scene. This is the saving grace: the tartness stimulates salivation, which helps with swallowing the dry confection. To be frank, I’m glad when it’s over. My least favourite doughnut so far.



Tesco’s offering for National Doughnut Week was quite small, with more granulated sugar around it, than remaining on the doughnut itself. Dry and tough, I wondered if it might be stale. The jam is less of a reservoir and more of a puddle and not of the highest quality, too tart and not fruity enough. A rather disappointing morsel.


Oh dear Tesco. How very disappointing. But your reputation might be saved by a third party... Tesco are the only supermarket in England to sell Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and we shall review them next!

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