Wednesday, 16 May 2012

National Doughnut Week: Sainsbury's Jam Ball Doughnuts x5

Sainsbury's turn today. I arrived at ten to nine in the morning and no doughnuts were on the shelf! I almost screamed in horror until a helpful stock assistant when to look for them, and found me not one but two packs, still warm. I restricted myself to just the one pack though.

At 65p for five these are cheaper than Co-op's. They're vegetarian too (though I forgot to check whether Co-op's are).


Golden, slightly crisp skin of the doughnut with just the right amount of greasiness. Soft but perfectly chewy and the best proportion of sugar – a lovely thick coating due to it syrupy nature. Lip-lickingly good, in fact. First bite reveals the tempting jam pool, second bite and it’s in my mouth. God I love these doughnuts. They’re a very good size but I could easily eat three in a row. I stopped at two though as I didn’t want to a spoil my appetite for lunch. Which, admittedly, was another doughnut.

9.5/10 (because nothing is ever perfect)


You know when you're at the fair as a kid and you get fresh doughnuts, straight from the fryer? Well somehow that's how Sainbury's has managed to produce their off-the-shelf offering. Moist, chewy and, well, doughy (strangely enough), they are really rather good. The choice of sugar syrup, rather than granulated, might not be to everyone's taste, but it does ensure there is still a sugar coating on the doughnut (not the box) when you get to eat them. I hope National Doughnut Week hasn't peaked early...



Today’s offering was less of a fail,
Significantly larger, slightly more pale,

The doughnut less firm to the touch; more aerated.
Using sugar syrup, not granulated.

Then we get to the important bit; inside The jam pool was imbalanced, too much on one side.

Once I found it though, it sure did taste good.
Leaving me craving more, like a doughnut should.


Michelle, as before, demonstrating some excellent poetic licence. A very popular doughnut, this one.

Tomorrow is Tesco!

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