Sunday, 20 May 2012

National Doughnut Week: the winner!

If anyone has been reading these blogs, you probably know the winner of the #luludonut reviews. The absolutely runaway winner, with a total score of 26.5/30, was Sainsbury's Raspberry Jam Ball Doughnuts. They were certainly my favourite - just the right amount of fresh-fried warmth with a tart, sticky jam and a perfectly chewy dough. God I want a doughnut.

Anyway, here are the final scores:

Sainsbury's: 26.5/30
Krispy Kreme: 21.5/30
Co-op: 16/30
Tesco: 16/30

Now I confess. Even though it wasn't National Doughtut Week today, I had another doughnut. What review would be complete without the stalwart supermarket that is Marks and Spencer! So here is my review:


At 41p per doughnut, you'd expect something a bit bigger. Having said that, it's the kind of size that makes you feel a bit less guilty for indulging, but at the same time satisfied. There's a decent amount of sugar as a coating and a crispy brown outside. But it all seems a bit trite. The inside is chewy though light and there's enough jam, but it's rather thin and sugary. It's a standard doughnut, but it doesn't stand out. Not enough oomph, no courage, no pizazz. Sorry M&S, you're a little bit too stiff upper lip for me.


So there you have it. Not even good old Markies can stand up to the beautiful, golden, juicy, moist, delicious Sainsbury's doughnut. I'll take 5, please.

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